Configuring Email – Mac

If you do not use it, open the very user-friendly MAIL app that comes with your mac operating system.

On the menu bar click Mail, then Preferences, then Accounts and finally click the plus at the bottom left.

General Information

Account Type:IMAP

Account Description: A personal description for your mail box

Incoming Mail Server: mail.yourdomain (e.g

User Name: full email address here (e.g

Password: mailbox password

Click Continue

Incoming Mail Security:

Check this box, Use SSL.. Authentication: Password

Click Continue

Outgoing Mail Server

Description: (optional)

Outgoing Mail Server: (as above)

User Authentication – ticked

Username: your email address

Password: your mailbox password

Click Continue

Account Summary

Check your settings

Click “Take account online”

Click Continue if you are happy with them.

Click Done

Note: You may receive an error questioning the “authenticity of the certificate.”  This is nothing to worry about and purely due to a mismatch of the server name and your domain name.  Simply look for the option to “always trust” and click that box.  You may also be required to input the password a few times.

The setting up of emails on your devices does not fall within the remit of building or maintaining your website.  We can provide a one on one service for a nominal hourly rate.  Contact us for more information.