Using WordPress

Wordress is a very powerful and yet user-friendly tool.  Your site is set up (depending on your level of computer knowledge) so that you cannot ‘break’ it.  Feel free to experiment within the ‘add post/page’ areas.  Click all the different buttons to see what they do, change the template of the page.  The worse that is going to happen, you will mess up an entry that is easily fixed and unless you already have subscribers that will receive the messed up post, it isn’t a big deal at all.  You can always ‘Preview’ a post before it actually goes live.

Things to Remember

Mostly, you will only be adding new ‘posts’.  See the entry on the home page sub menu for the difference between a ‘post’ and a ‘page’.

You can change the order that a post appears within your site by changing the date.  To do this click the ‘edit’ button next to the ‘Published’ button on the right.  Then update your entry.

To un-publish an entry, click ‘edit’ next to the ‘Status: Published’ and change to ‘draft’.  Alternatively move it to ‘Trash’.

To get an image into your post, depending on your site set up, you may have to ‘Set Featured Image’ as well as ‘Insert into post’.  All of this should have been talked through with you/will be talked through with you.

Always tick a ‘Category’ in the box to the right.  This will ensure your entry shows up when users view certain pages.  Your site is set up to collate different pages and posts.

Remember to complete as many ‘Tags’ as possible relating to each entry.  This should be keywords relating to your topic and will allow you to show up in more search engines.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with all the different buttons and options.  Unless you have specifically asked to have total control over your WordPress dashboard, you CANNOT break your site*.

If you have never used WordPress before it can seem a little daunting, although once you get your head around it, it truly is a wonderful tool.

Go here for any help you need on WordPress.  PLEASE do not ask any questions until you have exhausted all your own means of finding the answer, this will make you understand your site better.

*If you have been given full control of the site and you mess anything up, you may be liable to pay for extra work incurred to fix it.