Adding large files via FTP – Mac

To attach images, simply use the small icon next to the ‘upload/insert’ button.

For larger files, usually mixes, you will need to use FTP.  This is direct access to your server and is just like copying a file to any other location on your computer.

Using FTP – Mac

Unlocking the FTP is now easier.

Simply follow these instructions.

1.  Log in to

2.  Select the length of time you wish to unlock it for.

Your FTP should now be unlocked for the time period specified.

Uploading to your FTP: MAC

Start by downloading CyberDuck. Open the .dmg file once the download has completed, and drag CyberDuck to your Applications folder to install it. Once it’s installed, launch it from your Applications.

Click the Open Connection button.

Enter the Server name in the space provided. The default Port for FTP is 21, so leave that setting. Now enter your Username and Password in the spaces provided.

When all of that information is in place, click the Connect button.

And now you’ll connect to your FTP server. The window may be blank or empty if you’ve never uploaded any files or folders.

NOTE: If you are adding music files… DO NOT create subfolders here.  This will make life much easier when locating mixes, for example, to attach to posts.

To create a new folder, right-click (ctrl-click for single-button mouse folks) in the main CyberDuck window and select New Folder…

Enter a name for the folder, and click Create.

CyberDuck will now create the folder. Double-click the folder name to ‘enter’ that folder.


To upload files, locate them in your Finder, select the ones you want to upload, and then drag them to the main CyberDuck window.

Once the upload has completed, the window will refresh and your files will be listed.

To delete a file or folder, right-click it and select Delete from the pop-up menu. You can also rename files this way (select Rename…) etc

If you want to save the FTP server information (so you don’t have to enter it every time you want to connect to it) – click the Bookmarks button.

From the Bookmarks pane, click the small + (plus sign) at the bottom.

And the FTP site will be saved to your CyberDuck bookmarks.